I am extremely honored to express my vision as an entrepreneur on a very complex issue of our society that is “Registration” whichever avoiding subject for everyone in our country. It is my thinking that every constitution, business, and corporate enterprise should be registered primarily with the government of Pakistan in this way we can contribute our – part to state and public as well.
We are able to draw upon the accumulated knowledge of an organization that has set new standards of excellence and swiftness in registration including education, institutes, and corporate entities. We apply the very best modern insights to keep our clients at the leading edge. Registration.pk's culture is defined by a simple set of corporate values that define how we engage ourselves every single day, which is by: Trust, Care, Innovation, and Pride.

Mobile App

With Registrations.pk app you can have the ease of applying for registration on your fingertips. The prior purpose of developing this app is to make the process of registration for schools effortless and speedy. The app is simple and user friendly and has different sections as to applicant’s need. i.e. registration, extensions, application tracking, location even you can download challan form as well.

In addition to above, this app has the registration checklist and automatic notifications to help applicants successfully submit their application.

Happy Clients
Mr. Munir Ahmad.

I have observed first time such type of org that deals in different and good way.

Uzman Maqsood Kiani

Services they are providing are very unique and satisfactory