Teacher's Training Program

Professional development is a key factor with regards to upgrading the nature of teaching and learning. Professional development of teachers is fundamental to accomplish and keep up measures of value training. We, at The Registration.pk, perceive the need for teacher development and feel like it is a continuous procedure.

Right now, we are satisfied to report the dispatch of a training program structured by our specialists after exhaustive market study, refreshed research on training and investigation of the input grouped from Registration.pk. The modules created right now been developed and organized to take into account your prerequisites with sheer customization of your unique circumstance and necessities.

Modules Are As Below:

  1. 1. Policies and Procedures
  2. 2. Teachings Methodologies
  3. 3. Communication Skills
  4. 4. Leadership and Management
  5. 5. Student Psychology

To serve the Pakistan, Registration.pk is focused on adding to the all-encompassing development of teachers keeping in view global benchmarks. We are focused on fulfilling our clients and forming teachers into the best possible of themselves. We will accomplish our points and objectives by satisfying our quality goals, training our representatives and propelling them to work all the more adequately, consequently guaranteeing a persistent quality improvement in our working framework.

Who Should Attend:

  1. 1. Professional teachers who want to enhance their capabilities
  2. 2. Teachers who do not have professional experience, but they want the same expertise
  3. 3. Other seeking jobs in schools teaching and administration jobs
  4. 4. Overseas Job and immigration seekers